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The Lifetime Body is based upon the 5 key components that allow us to make our bodies last a lifetime. They are of equal priority and can be presented in any order. The movement we perform, which includes but is not limited to exercise, our sleep quality and duration, the food we consume, the ergonomics of our occupations and avocations, and our awareness of lifestyle factors such as self-knowledge and mindfulness. When all 5 of these components are functioning optimally, we are capable of the absolute highest quality of life and contribution to the world. The Lifetime Body services teach you exactly how to achieve ultimate wellness and success in your health and fitness endeavors. And if you’d like to learn more about how the The Lifetime Body System works, check it out and let me know what you think.

About John

Hi, I’m John Zombro and I’ve been a physical therapist, coach, and wellness consultant for over 3 decades. The Lifetime Body is the result of my own lifelong fascination with human performance. My work at TLB is fueled by my passion to continually learn and grow in both my field and as a person, and to empower others toward ultimate wellness.  More about me…

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