Wellness is not just the absence of illness. It is the attainment of optimal levels of health, fitness, happiness, and participation in LIFE. Want to learn a little more about things that can make your life and health better? TLB Educational Presentations are offered on an ongoing basis with new and intriguing topics in health, fitness, and nutrition updated frequently. Enjoy any or all of these fun and insightful group wellness seminars on some of the hottest topics in wellness today (check out the list of offerings below).  Each presentation is approximately one hour in length and new topics are being added all the time. All presentations can be customized to fit your group’s specific needs. Rates may vary depending on group size. These presentations can be brought to your office, group meeting place, or held by advance reservation at Yellowstone Bank in Bozeman, Montana. Please contact me at for details, availability, and pricing.



Training for Sports, Fitness, and Life

Whatever your goal, learn how to identify your own unique needs, sort through all the confusing information out there, and design a simple and effective program that lets you Get Results, Have Fun, and Avoid Injury!

Manipulating Metabolism: Lose Fat, Gain Muscle, and Balance Your Hormones

Achieving ideal body composition and optimal health is easy when you know what to measure, what to eat, how to exercise, and how to fit it all together.

Group Fitness 101

Discover how to set up and enjoy your own fitness group, using proven scientific principles to design a fun and free workout system for your office or friends.

The Ketogenic Performance Seminar

Get the scoop on nutritional ketosis, and know how to achieve it, how to shop, how to cook, and what to expect.

The Secrets to Preventing and Treating Running Injuries

Learn the simple and effective strategies that will keep you injury-free and performing at your highest level.

Demystifying the Myths:  The Paleolithic Diet

Separate fact from fiction regarding food, nutrition, and health.

Everything You Wanted to Know About High-Intensity Interval Training

Discover safe and effective ways to maximize fitness in the least amount of time.

How to Use Sleep to Lose Weight, Increase Fitness, and Feel Great

Make the most of your sleep and make the most of your life.

Motion is Life…Why Sitting is Killing Us (and what we can do about it)

Decrease illness and increase longevity by easily defeating sedentary habits.

How to Make Your Fitness Program “Fit” YOU

Use a combination of science and enhanced self-knowledge to get exactly what you need and want from your exercise.

Effortless Weight Loss

Learn how to get to your ideal weight without suffering, starving, or sacrificing.

The Gut Biome and its Relationship to Health

Did you know that we are 9/10 bacteria and our intestinal microbiome is integral to our health and function?

Healthy Anytime…A Jumpstart on New Year’s Resolutions

Discover ways to successfully create a healthier lifestyle.

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