FAQ’S About The Lifetime Body Fitness Group

In short, how would you best describe the TLBFG? Elite fitness commandos meet scientifically-based wellness education in an Austin Powers meets Dumb and Dumber meets Napoleon Dynamite setting. You asked.

Why do I have to pre-register? The TLBFG is quite popular and tends to fill quickly. Everything is organized in advance and we don’t waste any fitness time with administrative tasks that can be done elsewhere.

This seems like an extraordinarily good deal…why is it so inexpensive? Hey, thank you for recognizing the value. TLBFG is all about supreme quality in fitness with cost not being a barrier to entry. It’s a showcase and proving ground for our methods and you will absolutely get a massive return on a minimal investment.

I don’t like the timing, or the location, or I might miss a few sessions due to my vacation! Have a great vacation and enjoy it! See above…this is such a good deal that you’ve essentially “made your money back” if you attend 2 sessions, let alone all 27! And regarding timing and location, when something is as AWESOME as TLBFG, people somehow amazingly find a way to make it a priority and get there, every time, rocking hard! You may be doing us a favor by showing up, but you are really doing yourself a greater one!

Why is the class size limited? Because The Lifetime Body is rooted in the principle of excellence, we strive to have the highest possible experience in fitness and health. When groups become too large, the experience becomes somewhat “cattle-like”, and this is not an experience I either want a client to have, or to have personally. This is why we have a max of 24 members.

How long are the classes? Roughly, about an hour. A few minutes are reserved for information-sharing at the beginning and end of each class, and we usually perform about 60 minutes of exercise. It is important to be on time for class so that the workout experience is not diminished for yourself or your classmates.

What are the times for the classes? All the classes begin promptly at 6:00 p.m. It is important for participants to be ready to go at the specified start time.

What exactly do you do in the workouts? The sessions utilize a fair amount of variety, depending upon the exact training parameter (e.g. high-intensity interval training, mobility work, core strength/posture, circuits, etc.) that we are utilizing. However, each workout always has the following components: instruction, warmup, strength, speed, endurance, agility, balance, flexibility, and cooldown. Education is heavily emphasized and you will become a more informed and effective exerciser as a result of participation in TLBFG. I’m not trying to scare anyone off, but these workouts are TOUGH. Because we emphasize all-around fitness, the training can be humbling for even high-level single-sport athletes. However, we always approach a workout with science and safety first. The TLBFG system is set up so that we do the high-intensity training of the week together, as a group, and the rest of the week, including most of the recommended aerobic and mobility work, is done independently.

What is so special about the small group? That’s a great question and it deserves a great answer. For over 35 years I’ve participated in, administered, and observed the performance of fitness activities. Group training provides an amazing uplift in exercise performance and enjoyment. There is a social engagement, a commitment to consistently attend, and a camaraderie that is not present in either individual or large group sessions. The small group, meeting twice per week, is something the participants look forward to and it seems to be the gathering that virtually all personalities find stimulating.

Why don’t you do multiple clubs or groups? The honest answer is that I’m only one person who has a number of other duties in his job description. I preach life balance to others and try to maintain it for myself. The TLBFG, is a quality experience for me as well as a really exceptional opportunity for my clients. I’ll put TLBFG up against any fitness program, anywhere, and I just don’t think you can find better quality, expertise, and value in training.

Can’t I just sign up for the classes I want to attend? My experience, which is consistent with the extensive amount of literature on exercise adherence/compliance, is that “a la carte” fitness class “shopping” results in poor attendance and sub-optimal outcomes. Additionally, “one class here and there” models have historically resulted in inadequate funding for the programs, and thus it is necessary to get a serious commitment from the members. At the very reasonable fee for TLBFG, what you are buying is excellence, which of course benefits from consistency.

What if I miss a class? There are no makeup opportunities. Each week you will receive a home workout that parallels what we do in the group classes. This home workout can be performed for an additional session to take the place of your missed group session. I don’t send out the group sessions via email because they are dynamic and flexible and require ongoing coaching, for which you have to be present. This program is such a high-quality, low-cost value that you’ve essentially “made your money back” even if you only attend a few of the sessions.

Can I bring a friend? Due to the concerns about quality and group management, as well as liability, a “guest pass” option doesn’t exist. However, if any participation “slots” are open, a one-time trial experience is available with prior approval.

Does TLBFG have age limits? Due to the type of training that we perform, TLBFG has a minimum age of 12.  There is no upper limit in age, or in our believing in the power of the group.

Can I bring my kids? TLBFG works best when the group can focus on excellence and not have members being distracted with childcare matters, or there being possible disruptions to another member’s experience. Please make the appropriate childcare arrangements.

My dog loves to join in the fun, chasing people as they exercise, playfully nipping at their hands (“It’s OK, he won’t hurt you…hey, watch where you step!”). Some of the locations where we will be training are not “dog-friendly” and a few simply do not allow dogs. Even though we all love our dogs, it’s best to leave Fido at home.

Who is TLBFG for? Virtually anyone who is of reasonable health, has adequate medical clearance, and has intermediate-level or higher exercise experience can participate. The workouts are challenging and they utilize The Lifetime Body’s patented Functional Human performance capacities. You’ll need to be able to bend, twist, squat, lift, sprint, jump, land, and literally use your body in all the ways for which it was designed, and the course will make you better at all of these things. It’s definitely “can-do” country and we bring each other up in each workout.

What if I am a total beginner to fitness? My suggestion for a total beginner is to do a few health and fitness consultations with me so that we can assess your status, and get you on a foundational plan prior to jumping into TLBFG.

What if I have an injury that is in rehabilitation? My advice to you is to properly complete your rehabilitation prior to starting TLBFG. Or schedule a consultation session with me to solve your injury problem.

How should I dress? Well, fashion notwithstanding, any exercise clothing that you prefer will suffice. Each week in the e-blast, I’ll update the group on the weather forecast, location of the workout, recommended type of footwear, etc. Also, as a TLBFG member, you can email me with your questions anytime.

I hate learning, I already know it all anyway, and I just want to work out as hard as possible and risk injury and burnout! This program isn’t for you.

I’m a go-getter and a team player. I’m enthusiastic about health and fitness and I want to learn as much as I can about training. I can’t wait to share ideas with others and I really like to help people achieve their best. Is TLBFG for me?  Absolutely.

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