FAQ’s About The Lifetime Hunter Fitness System

What makes this program unique? The LHFS is rooted in the evidence-based practices of physical therapy, biomechanics, and exercise physiology. It specifically addresses the unique conditioning needs of the hunter and uses sound, scientific principles of training.

How does the LHFS work? This is a 13-week, online course in which you are issued a weekly newsletter (every Friday at noon) that contains the specific workouts of the week, videos of the important content, and a variety of fitness, hunting, fitness, and general outdoor skills tips. Every week we progress the system in an easy-to-follow, motivating manner.

What type of coaching is available? Every participant has unlimited email access to me for any and all questions and guidance. This level of support allows us to maintain the highest standards of training  and get results.

How do I know if I am ready for The Lifetime Hunter program? Only you know if this is right for you, and I strongly advise you to receive medical clearance from your healthcare provider if you have any concerns. It is important that you assume full responsibility for your health, fitness, and life, and make appropriate decisions in this regard.

I noticed there are quite a few pictures of people fishing in the photo gallery. Does this program work for fishing also? You bet. Many of the multi-positional demands in hunting and fishing are similar, and safety around water and boats, and when wading, is enhanced.

What are my equipment needs? We will be using a small number of implements, which include sandbags, a pair of dumbbells (or homemade versions of these), a chair or stool, an overhead bar, and an elastic band or tube. I’ll lay all that out in the introductory video and even show you how to make or where to purchase the necessary gear. Training shoes, a backpack, and a great attitude will also be required.

How much does it cost? $399 for the 3-month session, which runs from June 1 to August 31 2017. This is a great bargain that costs much less than most special tags or high-tech gear and is a long-term investment in your health.

What kind of time commitment are we talking about? The full-body workouts, which are done twice per week, are about 45 minutes in length. There are also two hiking workouts each week, and the weekday version is also only 45 minutes long. The weekend hiking assignments (unless you have a flexible schedule) will vary from 1-3 hours (this progresses through the summer). So the total time in a 168-hour week that you devote to hunter fitness is only 3.25-5.25 hours per week.

Is registration refundable? Registration is non-refundable. I do, however, issue credit for TLB services in the instance of a medical issue or other complicating factor, at my discretion. This program is where the rubber meets the road, or where physics meets physiology. Just like our hunts, we value making a commitment and seeing it through.

It looks like this is a summer program. What do I do in the fall? We build our conditioning base over the summer, and put that fitness investment in our hunting season bank. I’ll give you a maintenance program to do over the fall that fits into your hunting season at your discretion. Using an athletic training model which emphasizes seasonality, or periodization, you will be at your peak during hunting season and won’t need as much work to maintain conditioning and feel fresh and rested for your outings.

I have serious medical conditions and/or I’m currently in rehabilitation from an orthopedic injury or surgery. Should I sign up? No. You need to take care of your health as your primary objective, and save TLHFS for another year. If you have good healthcare and rehabilitation assistance in that area, excellent. If not, contact me for either services or referrals.

I have a busy job and a bad back. Does this mean I’m out? Well, the first thing I’ll say is “Welcome to the Club!” Next I’ll tell you that there is always a way to adjust and adapt. This is “can-do” country.

What do I get in addition to the progressive workout system? You get out of this exactly what you put into it, first of all. In each weekly e-newsletter, you receive information about the science of training, hunting and gear advice, a detailed description of the week’s workouts and modifications, a password-protected link to videos of the workouts, and unlimited email access to me as your coach, trainer, and accountability advisor (for the duration of the entire course).

What can I expect from my fitness once hunting season rolls around? If you stick with the program, you’ll have more energy, less fatigue and soreness,and you’ll be able to hunt as long and hard as you like. And, you will be much less likely to hurt yourself in the field, whether from fatigue-related falls, back and other injuries from all the physical work, and even colds and illnesses due to immune system stress. You’ll simply be a more durable and effective hunter.

Where can I sign up? I’m so glad you asked. Just click HERE.

…and check out some of the photos that come from being FIT FOR THE FIELD!

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