Kick Ass For Life!

Kicking Ass is a term that each of us can relate to in one fashion or another. In Lifetime Body terminology, it is not just the act of getting things done —  it is the reality of efficiently and effectively achieving high levels of outcomes across every category in which you participate in life. Some would say you are “crushing it.” I prefer Kicking Ass as the more definitive descriptor.

This perspective stems from my experience in working with multitudes of clients toward goals and successes in many areas of life. These interactions and observations were based around three foundational elements: wellness, performance, and longevity. The highest achievers invariably have these things in common. They are the ingredients in the recipe known as Ass-Kicking. I’ll provide a brief description of each of these pillars.

  • Wellness: This is not just the absence of illness. Ultimate Wellness represents the attainment and maintenance of the highest possible levels of health, happiness, productivity, and contribution. The optimization of everything we are and do can only truly occur when we have wellness.
  • Performance: Peak performance is the preferred nomenclature here. Getting the best out of ourselves; in fitness, sports, business, and relationships (to name a few) is the name of the game. The quest for excellence and wringing out every last drop of potential from our beings defines peak performance. To accept challenge, create success, and inspire others is the art, and essence, of performance.
  • Longevity: Wellness and performance are diminished if they are not long-lasting, and part of Maximum Longevity. When we pursue our wellness and performance practices optimally (for each individual), we maximize both the quality and length of our lifespan. There is an ongoing debate that excessive focus on performance can compromise wellness, or healthspan. This depends upon context, and the TLB position is that all three can be accomplished simultaneously. We need to combine science and wisdom so that we can, as Spock would say, “Live long and prosper.” Or as I say, “Kick Ass for Life!”

And just to set the record straight, Kicking Ass at and in Life, for Life, is not a haphazard, overly aggressive, or violent endeavor. The concept is based in positivity, accomplishment, and celebration. Sometimes it’s spontaneous. Other times it’s more calculated. Either way, Kicking Ass is all about getting the best results possible, without impeding others in the process. It’s about Kicking the Ass of negativity and self-doubt. Like entropy, Ass-Kicking is merely a constant in the universe. At TLB, we want you to be the Kicker, not the Kickee. Instead of getting your Ass Kicked by Life, choose instead to use the methods proven to help you do the Ass-Kicking. I think this point has been made.

This is an exceptionally brief view of the motivation behind all the TLB products and services. Kicking Ass for Life is the underlying theme in the books, blogs, videos, podcasts, and workshops that we provide. The message is intended to be uplifting, collaborative, and informative. It is based in perpetual learning, growth, and sharing. It emanates from the question that I ask clients and that I also ask myself…”What do you/I/we really want out of life?” And the answer is invariably not just wellness and longevity. It’s to Kick Ass at everything we do in life — athletics, work, hobbies, marriage, parenting…to Kick Ass at living life itself! Thanks for reading this and keep Kicking Ass! You are Awesome!

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