e-PT Eval and Consult

What is the e-PT Eval and Consult? It’s an approach to PT that focuses on YOU and concentrates on solving your injury problems. It is a one-on-one session via FaceTime, Hangouts, Skype, or Zoom in which you have my sole and undivided attention as your therapist. In the session, I use my education, training, and experience to help you clearly identify the causes, and the solution, to your injury problems. ePT maximizes efficiency by removing all extraneous inconveniences, such as travel expense and time wasted, from your session. Because I only accept and work with a limited number of clients in this capacity, I’m never too busy or distracted to take the time to really listen to you and give you the advice that saves you time and money spent on ineffective, repetitive office visits.

This system provides the highest return on your healthcare investment and maximizes effectiveness. By utilizing technology and efficiency, ePT lowers the cost of PT appointments and those savings are passed on to you, the consumer, and the health insurance industry. Additionally, ePT emphasizes educating you toward successful self-management and maximizes your outcome. In this era of high-deductible insurance policies, most healthcare becomes an out-of-pocket expense, as more and more subscribers do not meet their (high) annual deductible. Electronic evaluation and consultation sessions are classified as TeleHealth services and are considered valuable interventions by licensed providers (as in Physical Therapists) and are covered services under many health insurance plans. ePT provides the absolute highest quality PT service, at the lowest cost. ePT puts the value back in healthcare. This service is currently only available in the state of Montana. However, it is anticipated that a telehealth compact for physical therapy will be passed in 2018, allowing these services to be delivered in as many as 20 states nationwide.

However, as advanced as this intervention method is, sometimes “hands-on” treatment is indicated. I offer a limited number of exclusive concierge-level appointments to clients in southwest Montana. These require advance registration by contacting me personally at john@thelifetimebody.com and I really savor the opportunity to engage in this professional capacity. Also, I realize that sometimes my offerings are not the best fit (my jokes can be a little painful…I get it) and I’m happy to recommend and refer to my colleagues, both in my local area, and nationwide. Please note: Due to exceptional demand for this offering, I am currently unable to accept new concierge clients until after May 15th, 2018. If you would like to be placed on a first-come/first-served waiting list for this service, please contact me. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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If you would like to register for a session please review the Policies. Then click on the schedule button and proceed to the registration and payment system. I look forward to helping you get back to living your greatest lifetime.

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