Here’s what people are saying about The Lifetime Body, about Coach JZ, and about the comprehensive weight loss and metabolic reset program – Project JACKED!:

Before there was even one Keto cupcake recipe on Pinterest (let alone a thousand), John wrote about the health benefits of being metabolically fat adapted.  Before Pixel started selling chic computer glasses online, John connected the dots on exactly how much blue light from screens disrupts our sleep patterns and shared practices on how to get better rest.  Everything John has learned over his lifetime as an expert physical therapist, intrepid investigator, athlete, coach, and curious scientist—combined with unique empathy and understanding of the human condition—comes together in The Lifetime Body. If you give his principles a chance, you can change your life. Not just your athletic performance or your weight. Your life, as in the big picture of all your wellness.

Peter Kirwan

I am in my late 60’s and happily swamped by a demanding career. I have been coached in the past by John and recently I have delved deep into The Lifetime Body “JACKED!” program. The science and training of this program achieve extraordinary results. Weight loss, sleep effectiveness, eating control and quality food habits, athletic speed, strength, balance, and mental acuity are a few of the individual results. The overall fitness and health achieved in this program is synergistic… the results of these achievements is so much greater than the sum of its parts. To those of you that believe you do not have time in your busy schedule to attempt  working with TLB ,think again. I was where you are, happily achieving what I thought was the “American Dream”; successful career, financial security, happy marriage, etc. I also began seeing signs of aging: a small knee surgery, minor sprains and injuries from skiing, a little back pain, weight gain, digestive issues, less and less sleep, sugar in my coffee! You get the picture. I decided more than a decade ago that first and foremost I did not want to spend the last 30 + years of my life limping around or in some sort of care facility (much like my parents). Secondly, maybe I want to live for 40 more years skiing and in love with my wife and daughter. It was not that hard to “pay myself first,” and carve out or schedule just a few hours a week. Treat yourself as you would any of your wonderful clients. It’s working! TLB is excellence personified in me. It shows in everything I do – work, love, play, relationships…joy! One last thing..VALUE. John’s career and education has made him a leader, if not “The” leader in this profession. Imagine needing any professional services –  doctors, lawyers, accountants, financial advisers; the new guys may be young Turks, but if you want excellence hire the men and women who have made their work their life and made lifelong learning a key value . If I could take John off the market, whatever the cost, and have him only train me and my family, I would. You’d better get on board the TLB train while you still can!

Paul Bertelli

In 3 months, I lost 25 lbs. and was skiing stronger, running longer, biking harder. #1, Listen to John, he knows what he’s talking about. #2, Quit sugar. #3 Show up. It will work, and you will feel better!

Elliot Canfield

Living with purpose, power and pleasure requires good health. If our health fails us, nothing else matters. John Zombro provides us with professional advice and custom designed fitness programs, keeping us strong, healthy, fit, and has done so for more than twenty years. Workouts are varied and scientifically designed to enhance flexibility, strength and conditioning. He is always on the cutting edge of physiological research, providing advice on both fitness and nutrition. The mental and physical energy we need for success in our business and recreation, comes only if we are fit and healthy. John Zombro is a pioneer in digital consulting, and he has the education, experience, expertise, and energy to provide the best wellness advice available anywhere. Working with John will help you to become healthy and fit and it will change the quality of your life, now and into the future.

Mike Cok

Health and wellness are words for skinny people. For those of us who are not skinny (and indeed qualify as obese) we equate health and wellness with a number on a scale. When I committed to being JACKED, I was saying, “yeah, yeah feel better – wellness” and I was thinking maybe, just maybe, I will lose these pounds! For the first five weeks I lost 2 pounds a week – just like the medical community says is “healthy.” Enter Project JACKED! I felt better- more energy than I had in decades. It all worked and was easy. But easy is not my life! Then something changed. Of course it did- success of weight loss is elusive. Here’s where JACKED is different. My medical doctor said “just a plateau” (what does that mean????).   John said “let’s change things and find a path to continue the weight loss while keeping up the other wellness aspects of the program.” Coming out on the other side, I am still the curve wrecker – but not a failure. I have muscle definition I have not seen in years! And no I don’t understand how I can carry this much weight and see muscle definition but I can. I have energy I have not felt in years! My endurance is better than it has been in years! AND come on – the best part of that is none of that red face, heart racing aerobic sessions.  Loving life and willing to keep going. The change in eating habits are easily learned and fit into your lifestyle. I am JACKED to be healthy and well.

Susan Swimley

John is refreshingly PRACTICAL, not to mention extremely well-versed in all things relating to health and wellness. At TLB a superb mixology of fitness and lifestyle eating plans are presented, and ALL are directed to meet and exceed your expectations, fit your own body type, and work with your personal routines. John keeps the E in “energy” going, all the time. He is the definition of personal coach & motivator!

The Lifetime Body and resources therein, are not only easy to understand and follow, but time-savers for all the questions I have, and now do not have to use my time to look up. Superb nutritional options and best “value” are all found throughout the TLB site, including links to ordering online foods and gear. They are all vetted, by John and his clients, and I’ve found this to be “spot on.”

Shannon Keller

I have worked with John over several years. First as a physical therapist, then as a personal coach, and now in his group coaching sessions. John is the most up-beat person that I know…always a smile on his face and a witty retort. It is important that we surround ourselves with positive people, especially fitness coaches. He constantly encourages me, but at the same time holds me accountable. Both of these traits are important.

John continually studies the latest trends and research in the health and fitness world. He critically approaches the information and is not swayed by “popular” trends, but bases his recommendations and fitness routines on fact-based studies. I find him to be a wealth of knowledge on virtually all aspects of health and training. I often reach out to John to get his “take” on new information and studies, and I know I will get a well-considered response.

With his latest endeavor, The Life Time Body “JACKED!” project, he has combined many aspects of health and fitness into a comprehensive program. This includes eating, exercise, rest, mindfulness, and attitude. He has guided me along the road to better health and fitness over the last several months. He has demonstrated to me that it is possible to get excellent training and dietary information using a “virtual model,” and I feel that this will be an important trend in the wellness and fitness arena. I am looking forward to The LIfetime Body Fitness Group this summer.

M Douglas Kypfer

John Zombro is an amazing motivator and has a plethora of knowledge and a great sense of humor.

Jane Foster

John has been great to work with throughout the JACKED program. With his guidance, I am 75% of the way to my goal weight in just 3 months, with almost a month left to go.

The JACKED program uses the science of diet and exercise to produce results that have allowed me to become fitter, stronger and just generally have more energy.  

I have a hike planned in about a month and just know that I’m going to CRUSH it. I’ve been training by walking, and where I used to feel sore, out of breath, and out of energy, now I feel strong, fit, and like I can go all day.

I know that this program has created a permanent lifestyle change for me, in both diet and exercise. Foods that used to taste really good to me don’t have the same appeal as the fresh, quality (and generally lower-carb) alternatives.

John is great as a mentor. When you have a question, if he doesn’t know the answer off the top of his head (which he generally does) he will spend the time to research the issues and provide you with an answer. If you have an issue regarding an approach to maximizing the benefit of the program, he can provide several different alternatives based on YOUR body and YOUR goals.

I would highly recommend the JACKED program to anyone, regardless of their personal fitness goals. You’ll emerge from the program feeling better than you have in a long time!

Brett Swimley


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